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A Land or Roots and Culture : Guam

A Land or Roots and Culture : Guam

Sep 30, 2014

Know as the largest island in the Mariana, Guam is one of the best places to see when travelling. Inhibited by the Chamorros (the indigenous people that owned the land before it was colonized) this island is very rich in history and culture. Not only that, Guam has the best beaches and mountain resources too. Read on as we uncover the beauty of this island. Listed below are a couple of facts and tips on what to do in this beautiful island.

Take Time to Appreciate their People, History and Culture

Do make sure you’d learn something from your journeys, Make it a habit to learn something from the place you went to, and yes, unveiling the history and culture of Guam can be overwhelming. Guam as an island went through a lot most especially in World War II not only that they were also part of Magellen’s expedition. Which make this island very versatile a land of different races but functions as one, an island so rich in values that their positive vibrations can be felt and you would be moved. Listen to the Chamorros, they’re poetry can leave you with tears, without you realizing it, they’re poetry is can tell a lot about their traditions, frustrations and their love for their land. The local know so much about they’re land that they’d talk about it with passion, you can see it in their eyes, they’re too eager to share what they know thus you will learn so much just talking to a local ( iI know I did) and was I able to mention how nice they were? The locals are very hospitable and accommodating that they’ll help you go around and look for the cheapest place to stay without extra costs! (image by : *Tim Grey )
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Take a Trek on their Mountains

Nothing can beat the beauty of what mother earth has to offer, and yes, Guam is more than blessed to have one of the highest mountains on Earth.  Mount LamLam which means lightning , is one of the highest mountains that nature has to offer, the wide array of greenery that covers it can leave any tourists speechless.

Visit their Marine Parks

Guam is very rich when it comes to marine and wild life, and dropping by one of the best marine park could be the highlight of your trip, once in Guam, do make sure to drop by Fish Eye Marine Park, it has this long wooden bridge that would allow you to see the vibrant marine life from a far, one you look down you’ll get to see the beauty of each species lurking underneath their habitat , not to mention it didn’t cost that much, yes, Guam is one of the cheapest play to have a vacation with. (image By: Joseph Tame)
Malaysia Story - World travel blog family holiday vacation website -  Visit their Marine Parks A Land or Roots and Culture  Guam

The things listed above are just a few from what the island has to offer, but of course I can’t write everything down since the list would be too long, try to visit this country and uncover the beauty it has to offer. You’ll be in awe and I’m quite sure you might want to extend your trip a little longer, of you might event consider staying there. For Good!

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