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8 Places To Do While In South Korea

8 Places To Do While In South Korea

May 17, 2015

I love South Korea. There is something magnificent about the culture and the country. And oh, definitely the food! I’ll be sharing some of the info on how you can travel to South Korea and enjoy to 8 places to visit.

Bukchon Hanok Village

Sandwiched in the middle of Changdeok and Gyeongbok palaces sits this little bit of Korean history. Hanoks are old Korean style homes with a yard in the center and a few rooms encompassing it. Think wooden cross section and sliding paper entryways. It’s a pleasant spot in the midst of an overall solid city. A large portion of the structures work as shops or guesthouses now, so you can really get a look of the way individuals used to live.(Image by Kwong)

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Gyeongbok Palace

Gyeongbokgung was initially manufactured path in 1395 as the principle royal residence for the King’s of the Joseon Dynasty. In the event that you need a genuine research Korea’s history, Gyeongbok Palace is the ideal spot to begin. There are guided visits in Korean, Japanese, Chinese and English at distinctive interims for the duration of the day where you can look into not just the King’s that called this spot home, yet around a ton of Korea’s history amid this time period.

Jongmyo Shrine

Korean individuals once accepted that the spot of entombment was the place an individual’s body stayed after death, however their soul went’s to its altar. Jongmyo Shrine is home to the soul of each King of the Joseon Dynasty period. Passage is accessible just through guided visits (with the exception of on Saturdays), leaving the recreation center totally tranquil for each one visit. It’s still an exceptionally otherworldly place and meandering the stone ways.

Bukaksan Fortress Wall

Simply north of the Blue House sits Bukak Mountain and Seoul’s stronghold divider. When it was manufactured back in the fourteenth century it joined the four noteworthy crests adound the city: Bukaksan, Naksan, Inwangsan and Namsan. Bring your travel permit and your strolling shoes.

Cheonggyecheon Stream

Bring a stroll down any of the steps that line this 5.8km stream and you’ll abruptly end up in a desert garden; a mystery little hideaway from a generally riotous city. This entire stream used to be secured by roadways and urban sprawl.


This area in focal Seoul is the best place to get keepsakes to take home to your family and companions. Filter through the shoddy shops and go to the genuine artisans cutting veils in their workshops and painting scenes from a Korea that once was.

Namsan Tower

The most elevated review point in the core of Seoul is Namsan or North Seoul Tower. Take the link auto or pick to get some activity and trek up the steps to the base. You’ll feel the blaze, yet then you don’t need to feel so regretful about overdoing it on dessert at the top.


Whether you go there for the shopping, the nourishment or the nightlife, you ought to go to Hongdae. The territory encompassing Hongik University is collaborating with youngsters. Sustenance sellers line the avenues wafting the aroma of fiery chicken sticks and tteokbokki. Shops blast stock onto the avenues offering the most recent patterns or the strangest socks. There are worldwide restaurant, themed bistros and pubs serving up a percentage of the best art brew in the city. It’s likewise one of the city’s best spots for a decent night out.(Image by Young)

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I hope you’ll enjoy this list and do let me know if you have ever visited South Korea, or planning to go there in the near future. Happy Traveling!


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