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7 Great Facts about Tipping (for example, tips in hotels, taxi, restaurant)

7 Great Facts about Tipping (for example, tips in hotels, taxi, restaurant)

Mar 1, 2014

The standard tip all over the world is 20% of the service offered, tipping has been ever since money started to exchange hands and is considered as a sign of appreciation for the services you have been offered.. It’s important therefore to note that tipping should only be done based on your discretion and purely as reward for superlative service. Here are some tipping facts that will help you to know what to tip at a particular place.


A two to three dollar tip is commendable for taxi services. This should be if the driver was willing to help you out with your luggage or if he went some extra miles just to get you to your desired destination right on time.


Porters to deserve some tip especially if your luggage is heavy, porters in this case refers to airports or train porters, a one dollar tip per bag is quite sufficient(image by Brian Hamilton).

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Hotels and restaurants

Bellman should be given an average tip of one dollar per bag; this is especially if he gets you around and shows you your room and if he also helps you to checkout. You can add him another tip if he gives you some other services. However you can just give them a five dollar tip at a go, be sure to expect special attention from then henceforth every time you require it.

Doorman, one dollar is enough especially if he just hails a taxi, you can also add them another for other special services like shielding you from rain with an umbrella or even for helping you carry your bags. (image by Kymberly Dunne-Fleming).

Malaysia Story - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Doorman Great Facts about Tipping
Concierge. You can tip them for giving you special services like booking your theatre reservations or making restaurant reservations. The amount is variable depending on the complexity or type of service they offer you, the standard range should be not less than two dollars and not more than 10 dollars. You may consider tipping them at each service they offer or total up then your arrival if you want exceptional service.

Hotel Maids. People mostly tend to forget hotel maids mostly because they do the work when you are away. You can be exceptional and leave them a one dollar tip per night, leave the money in the room and marked in an envelope.

Parking attendants. Give them one to two dollar tip once they deliver your car.

Waiters should be given a 15 to 20 percent tip; the same should be applied for the room service waiters. Some restaurants however add a 15% tip to your bill especially if you had a large party, check this out, if it’s included you can optionally add another 5% tip for extreme superlative service.

Cloakroom attendants

If the facility charges you for the service do not tip but if it’s free you can go ahead and give one to two dollar tip at most.
Tour guide and charter bus drivers

If tips are not included in the price give them one dollar for half day, two for full day or just 5 to 10 dollars for the whole week. If you have private guides you can tip them more.

Tipping can also be used as a clever bribe for exceptional treatment especially if it’s given beforehand. Tipping should not be done too often as it can be taken for granted or it can change to expected pay regardless of service quality you have been offered


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