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7 Great Attractions to Visit in Bangkok

7 Great Attractions to Visit in Bangkok

Jan 8, 2012

Bangkok is a very busy, congested city. Apart from being noisy, the city is one of the most gorgeous to visit in the entire Asian region. The nightlife is bubbling, clubs paint the streets to life and the hospitable nature of the people is unmatched. In addition, there are numerous attraction sites to visit while in the area.

Here are 7 that top the list:

1. Grand Palace


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The Grand Palace was constructed in the 17th century. It served as the official residence of the Thailand Kings until 1946 when the then king moved it to Chiltralada Palace. At present, the palace has been remodeled and serves as an attraction site. Part of it is a temple that houses the most sacred sculpture in Thailand—the Jade Buddha.(image by groobster).

2. Wat Pho

This is by far the most frequented Buddha temple in Thailand. It was constructed more than two centuries ago. The massive statue of Buddha, in a reclining angle, is kept there. This temple has the most images of the spiritual leader in Thailand. Many followers come there to pray while tourists take the rare opportunity to snap as many photos as they can.

3. Central World

This building was built in 1990 and is one of the most popular shopping centers in the area. It offers the much needed contrast since it was designed for middle-class shoppers. Most of the malls there are only frequented by the high society of Bangkok. The Central World was burnt down by protestors in 2010 but was rebuilt to its previous glory months later.

4. Wat Arun

Wat Arun is amongst the oldest temples in Bangkok. The architectural design of the temple is borrowed from the Buddhist cosmology. Many enthusiasts and tourists usually visit the place at sun set. This is the best time to get a memorable view of the temple.

5. The Thompson’s House

Jim Thompson was a CIA agent who relocated to Bangkok in the 40s. His house is a magnificent piece of art that serves as one of the most popular tourist destinations. Architecture used in building the house is of Thai heritage and it rests above a canal. Guided tours are normally offered in numerous languages.

6. Bangkok Klongs

Malaysia Story - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Bangkok Klongs Attractions to Visit in Bangkok

For a very long time, canals have been the preferred mode of transportation in Thailand. In Thai, canals are called Klongs which is how the name for the area was coined. However, transport development has seen the diminished use of canals in Bangkok as tarmac roads emerge. Some of the Klongs have been preserved to attract tourists.(image by ibiza_jogi).

7. Khaosan Road

Khaosan means milled rice in English. Decades ago, the area was a famous market for rice and this is where the name was derived from. The transformation that occurred later on has seen the area developing into something else. Tourists usually go to this spot to relax and just hang-out with the locals. The Khaosan Road has plenty of cheap hotels making it a convenient stop over for weary travelers.

For a memorable experience, visit all of these great destinations while in Bangkok. You will definitely enjoy your trip and also get to learn more about Thailand culture and history. Remember, always put safety first so avoid going into unfamiliar territories at night or alone.


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