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7 Amazing Attractions in Las Vegas Strip- Family Travel Destinations in the US

7 Amazing Attractions in Las Vegas Strip- Family Travel Destinations in the US

Feb 9, 2014

Las Vegas strip has diverse activities that you can carry out irrespective of your age; this makes it to be very prominent. The strip extent is basically a four miles stretch on Las Vegas Boulevard and is home to over 19 hotels that feature indoor modern casinos, fantastic lights, shopping malls, live entertainment and on outdoors. The strip has roller coasters, museums, shopping areas among others. So while it is not voted for the best places to retire in the US, you and your family can enjoy casino gaming (adults) , watching popular shows, wild souvenir shops and eating buffets.

Below are seven amazing attractions that will make you crave for the strip.

1- Las Vegas Strip’s Great Accommodations

You will enjoy living in great fancy hotels like Caesars Palace Las Vegas among others. These hotels are comparable to the amazing top 5 hotels you will find in London. Many of the hotels are located near the strip and have affordable guest rooms, non smoking facilities and pet friendly accommodation. The Caesars Palace Las Vegas and the Fortune, both in the strip, Las Vegas are the most ideal hotel for families, business travelers and couples as they offer a perfect combination of modern amenities and comfortable accommodation besides outdoor swimming pool, complimentary breakfast, free internet among others. What makes them most preferred is their proximity to Las Vegas Convention center and also the Las Vegas Strip.

2- Casinos

From roulette, slots poker to sports betting, the strip has unlimited offers that will give you an almost infinite array
of gambling options. More than 30 hotels offer different gaming options, smaller casinos are not left out either, and they have even more slots and other table games that are just waiting to be revealed.

3- Live Entertainment

You will enjoy live performances from world class entertainers, meagerly clad show girls, magic shows and kid’s
friendly musicals among others. Live entertainment is the order of the day in Vegas. Moreover, you will enjoy choosing from mystiques of Chris Angel’s magic, theatrical displays from Cirque du Soleil and many more, no matter your age
there is always something for you in Vegas Strip.

4- Bellagio Fountains

You will be fascinated by the amazing Bellagio Fountains which are strategically set in front of the famous hotel
that happen to be directly on the strip. The fountain has choreographed show that is set to lights and music with twisting water shooters which can disseminate a fountain of water to as high as 460 feet in air. The show is always free and
runs after thirty minutes interval in the afternoon and the frequency is reduced to fifteen minutes between 8 pm and midnight.

5- Bellagio Conservatory

This hotel has beautiful and conservatory botanical gardens which are an integration of live plants, flowers and fountains that reflect all seasons. The entrance is free and they change their display every five times a year so you have a reason to visit and revisit.

6- Treasure Island

In the Treasure Island, also called the siren of TI shows, you will enjoy to watch amazing sirens as they battle with pirates to capture the pirates as captives after sinking their ship in deep ocean waters. The show basically features pirate ships, cannons, sword fights, dancing, aerial stunts and fireworks, it’s meant for all ages.

7- Mirage Volcano

This is a fantastic amazing show to see and is meant for all ages, you will definitely enjoy the spectacular lighting, water and sound effects. The volcano is choreographed and set to music that features a lagoon, a waterfall, fire shooters and smoke effects that sends fireballs 12 feet in the air. The show is basically done at night.

Las Vegas Strip is a perfect place to spend and have fun with your family; they will definitely enjoy the thrilling
and chanting places that Las has in store for them. Plan your trip ahead and secure your accommodation in time before people flock in and while partying secure your wallet especially when in a crowd. Las Vegas has a lot to showcase,
both for the young and old, visit the strip this year for more fun.

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