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6 Great Reasons to have your Next Holiday in Malaysia

6 Great Reasons to have your Next Holiday in Malaysia

Jan 21, 2014

Did you even wonder why you should select Malaysia for you next holiday destination?  Did you wonder what this country even has to offer you and your family?  As one of the well visited countries in southeast Asia, Malaysia has many amazing destination and millions of reason to visit.  Without a doubt, hundreds of articles can be written why you must visit Malaysia but  here are only six top reasons: 

Malaysia is home to a unique culture and heritage

If you take a trip to Malaysia, then you will truly be spoilt for choice when it comes to sampling the ancient history and modern culture that Malaysia has to offer. Whether you decide to go on one of the heritage trails that are available to tourists or attend one of the local festivals, you can count on an unforgettable experience.

Wherever you go, you will find Malaysian food hard to match

As a melting pot of cultures, Malaysia has developed a unique approach to food. Pay a visit to one of the many local restaurants, and you will be in for a culinary delight. Here, you will be able to sample such exotic dishes as black pepper crab and oyster omelette, along with many other delicacies that you will be hard pressed to find while eating out at home (image by Apple Foodees : Malaysian Food Blog). Malaysia Story Travel Blog - World Family Travel Tip RTW Travel Tourism Holiday Vacation - 6 Great Reasons to have your Next Holiday in Malaysia Food

Amazing Malaysian Food

The country contains unspoilt regions of natural beauty

Even in a country with such spectacular cities as Malaysia, there are times when you will just want to get away from the hustle and bustle of modern life and spend some time in the wilds of nature. The country does not disappoint in this front: the forests and reserves are just perfect for catching a glimpse of the fascinating local wildlife.

You can lose yourself in the beaches

The beach is a classic element of an enjoyable holiday, whether you want to sunbathe, enjoy a book or simply admire the surroundings. In Malaysia, you will find some magnificent beaches that must surely rank among the finest locations of their type anywhere in the world.

You can pick up something unique at a market

Malaysia is home to many different traditions when it comes to arts and crafts, as well as a range of approaches relating to food. If you visit a Malaysian marketplace, then, you can count on finding something to take back home – something that is not just a souvenir, but a treasure.

Malaysia is the perfect place to go on a voyage of discovery

Above all, each of the factors mentioned above combine to make Malaysia an ideal destination for a real adventure. If you are planning on going there, then plot your journey so that you will be able to sample as much of what the country has to offer as possible: attend a festival, visit markets and restaurants, spend some time in the woodlands and beaches. Taken together, Malaysia will be able to give you the holiday experience of a lifetime (image by $and$man). Malaysia Story Travel Blog - World Family Travel Tip RTW Travel Tourism Holiday Vacation -6 Great Reasons to have your Next Holiday in Malaysia

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