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6 Great Attractions to Visit with Kids in Johor Bahru ,Malaysia

6 Great Attractions to Visit with Kids in Johor Bahru ,Malaysia

Dec 9, 2011

Johor Bahru, the capital of Johor, in Malaysia is a great place to visit. The city has a number of tourist attraction sites that will make for a good experience on a trip to Malaysia. Despite the relatively high temperatures in Johor Bahru, the place is still an ideal location to visit with kids. Some drinking water will help you sort that out. More so, Johor Bahru has many fun places for kids to visit and engage in fun activity. From theme parks to national parks, zoos and game centers, kids are bound to enjoy their visit and stay in Johor.

Great attractions to visit with kids

Kids of whatever age will have more fun in an environment where they are able to find activities they can engage in. The various locations in Johor Bahru that are designed for kids provide the perfect attractions for this kind of fun. There are some fun places that have gained a reputation of having the fun activities children seek.

1. Legoland Malaysia

Malaysia Story - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Legoland Malaysia Visit with Kids in Johor Bahru
Everybody who has been to Johor Bahru and visited Legoland will recommend it as the first stop for kids. The theme park has mini rides, which not only the kids will enjoy, but adults as well. Miniland, which has many miniature buildings made of Lego, will prove a popular attraction for kids. Driving for kids at the park will keep busy kids who love cars.(image by Reza Wan).

2. Sanrio Hello Kitty Town

This is good for little kids who love the character, especially girls. A lot happens in here. Tea-cup rides, photography, Hello Kitty House, a maze activity, stage performances and the playground will give kids a whole lot of excitement.

3. Johor zoo

This will definitely interest kids since they enjoy watching animals. Much as there is not much activity for kids to keep themselves busy here, a walk around the zoo and the view of animals will remain a memorable experience for kids. There is a good selection of animals, vast bird collection that will offer kids a good chance to learn.

4. Little Play Loft Imaginative PlayGym

Just as the name suggests, this PlayGym has an indoor playground where they provide kids with activities to do. The place has cameras and teachers to monitor the children as they play. It is, in addition, clean and reasonably priced.

5. Tropical Village

This is actually a small world in itself. It does not lack a playground for kids to take fun activities. It has miniature effigies of buildings and people that will greatly interest kids. Dinosaur train rides, magic mirrors and boating activities will fascinate the young ones. An agricultural corner has vegetables, fruits and flowers for kids with such interests.

6. Desaru Beach

Malaysia Story - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Desaru Beach Visit with Kids in Johor Bahru

Beaches will never be a wrong bet when it comes to kids. As a family, kids-friendly activities can be invented on the vast beach area. Playing games in the expansive water body with parents can give kids great pleasure. Sunbathing on the sands will also be a good way to relax with the kids.(image by georgecsp).

In the event that one plans to make Johor Bahru their destination, say for a holiday, and they plan to take their kids with them, then these are certainly the places designated for kids and they should not leave without visiting them. The kids will be thankful for it.


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