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6 Great Attractions To Visit In Jordan

6 Great Attractions To Visit In Jordan

Jan 26, 2014

Jordan sits on the East bank of the famous Jordan River. Surrounded by Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria and Israel, It is regarded as one of the nations with a rich history. Treasury, one of its best sites, ranks among the Seven Wonders of the World. It has beautiful cities like the Roman city of Jeresah, Amman among others. River Jordan has a rich biblical history and you will definitely love to be there. Visiting Jordan for the first time will give you a reason to be there once again.

The Treasury at Petra.

Malaysia Story - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - The Treasury at Petra In Jordan
This is one of the magnificent sites of Jordan. It is a monument erected at the ancient Petra. It was ranked among the Seven Wonders of the World. The carving was in honor of Nabataean King during the first century. The artistic designs full of scale and grandeur will remind you of the historical Alexandria. You will love the sight of amazingly colored rocks, the breathtaking tombs and carved facades.(image by NakedTim).

Red desert of Wadi Rum

This wonderful desert valley will offer you the amazing sights of Arabia. The amazingly shaped mountains that elegantly emanates from the red desert are responsible for its beauty. You will be reminded of the ancient merchant caravans as you enter the valley on a camel back. The rum valley used to be travel route of the merchants as they traded between the Indies and the Mediterranean. The red Desert of Wadi rum is one place you will love to visit.

Roman City of Jerash

This is one of the well-maintained ancient cities of Jerash. Its fame dates back to Hellenistic times coupled with her golden age in the second and third centuries. Emperor Hadrin visited the city during his times. As a modern visitor, you will love the well-fashioned theaters, an amazing Triumphal Arch, Gladiatorial, a hippodrome and breathtaking ancient streets. You will enjoy the lively horse racing.

The Dead Sea

Malaysia Story - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - The Dead Sea In Jordan
As eluded by the name, the Dead Sea contains salt ten times more than the Mediterranean. You can hardly sink deep into the water due to the heaviness. It is ranked among the oldest spas in the world. Queen Cleopatra visited it during her times. You will be tempted to stay there for a few more days due to the excellent accommodation available at the region.(image by marymac28).

Qasr Amra and the Desert Castles

The isolated desert castle is found in the black basalt desert. It will take you through a mental flight to the historic Islamic emergence in Jordan. UNESCO recognized it as a World Heritage due to its strategic importance. You will love the site of Qasr Kharana , a monument that dates back to the seventh century.

Castle of Kerak

This fortress dates back to the Biblical times. The crusaders fortified it for 20 years. One of the crusaders took it as his seat after the construction. Saladin, the Arab leader attacked it twice in the twelfth century.

Other important sites in Jordan includes; Wadi Dana Biosphere Reserve, the Red sea Coral Reefs at Aqba, Mosaics at Madaba, the monastery at Petra among many other lovely attractions. Jordan is rich with historic and archeological sites. You will definitely want to go back after your first visit.


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