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5 Natural Rock Climbing Sites around the Globe

5 Natural Rock Climbing Sites around the Globe

Feb 26, 2014

Rock climbing is quite an exciting and adrenaline filled activity, one feels the joy after finally successfully ascending the heights and tower the rest of the world. However, only few people manage to get to the top of these world natural towers. There are many natural rock climbing sites you can opt to go and have fun but here are some of the best and mist visit places all over the world. They actually say that there is no mastery in rock climbing, every rock mountain has  its unique challenges and gives you just experience but not certification as a rock climber, this means you have got a job to prove to others that you are up to the task, get to these sites and conquer them all

Venezule, Mount Roriama

Located on Venezuela, Guyana and brazil border the rock mountain is part of the larger Guiana shield that’s found in Canaima National Park which covers over  30,000 square kilometers. The mountain has some rich factious tales that are associated with it but the reality is that it’s just a pristine of beauty. Mount RoriamaTepui is the world highest mountain plateau that stands at 2810 meters above the sea level. It is also considered to one of the world oldest geological landform that date back to more than two billion years ago. There are a mixture of valleys, fog, lakes, waterfalls, cracks and flora and fauna that you will come across as you ascend. Roriama is perfectly one of South America rock climbing sites but it calls for training and special equipment.

Australia, Grampians National Park

A gorgeous mountainous area in western Victoria, the park offers many natural trials, beautiful lakes and valleys that you can practice rafting, downhill rock climbing with ropes, uphill rock climbing, canoeing as well as bird watching. The area stands as a well known rock climbing destination and is also ideal for camping in the beautiful landscaped looking forest. You can there after getto Mackenzie falls that will amaze you indefinitely.(image by IFSA-Butler).

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USA, Arizona, Canyon de Celly

Located in the famous Colorado plateau, north of Arizona, there lays the greatCanyon de Celly also called the Death Valley. There is also a significant monument that stands solely in the 84,000 acres land. Spider Rock is one of the most famous rock climbing sites in this part of the world. It has two towers of stone with a height approximated to consist of 800 steps of reddish rocks. The rocks are also considered to be sacred among the natives but the land is government protected.

Chile Cordillera Del Paine

In the midst of Chile Patagonia, there lies the Cuerno Del Paine rocks which stand over 3000 meters above the sea level. The rocks are made of pink granite in the midst of deep green- blue lakes, creaking glaciers, pampas and fjords as well as the fast rivers, you can visualize how picturesque the place is. You will definitely have good times ascending to the majestic peaks and feel the crystallizing detachment from life feeling

Greece, Meteora

In Greece, you will enjoy to get to Meteora rocks that tower the Greece skies in the midst of dense giant trees that ascend up to 300 meters high. You will hardly be able to take off your eyes from the black giant rocks that dangerously hang on the rocks. From the peaks, you will enjoy to see the nestled monastery and the spectacular views that will give you incredible sense of freedom.(image by RiSiX).

Malaysia Story - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Meteora Natural Rock Climbing Sites around the Globe
Rock climbing is quite exciting especially if you have some group of friends or fellow rock climbers, it can be a thrilling experience for fast timers but the joy associated with getting to the top quickly drains away your fears. You might also consider to get to other great places for rock climbing.


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