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5 Great Family Attarctions in Egypt

5 Great Family Attarctions in Egypt

Aug 17, 2012

Egypt is a beautiful and mysterious land. It has a long rich history and makes for a magical family experience. There are many beautiful and interesting sites to bring the family, many of which display the splendor of ancient Egyptian civilization, but Egypt is also a modern country with a bustling urban scene. That being said, below you will find the top five attractions for you and your family in Egypt.

1) The Pyramids of Giza:

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Right by the capital, Cairo, the ancient Pyramids of Giza are usually the first thing one thinks of when Egypt is mentioned. One of the seven wonders of the ancient world- glorious, dramatic, and beautiful, the pyramids make for the number one must-visit location in Egypt. As well as the pyramids, you can also take a camel ride around the plateau, and visit the famous Sphinx. Your family will be blown away with the majesty of this location.(image by Bill Holmes).

2) The Cairo museum:

The Egyptian Museum at Cairo is a wonderful museum where you family can see the ancient treasures of the pharaohs including those of King Tutankhamen, like his golden death mask. Within, you can see ancient Egyptian jewelry, statues, and artifacts from almost four thousand years ago. The Egyptian Museum has been a focal point of tourists and scholars for over one hundred years, and continues to be to this day.

3) Luxor:

Luxor is a fantastic base for exploring the monuments and museums further out in the desert. A beautiful city build on the site of ancient Thebes, some of Egypt’s most amazing sites lie nearby. In Luxor you can find the Luxor Temple, built by Amenophis III, the Mummification Museum, and the Luxor Museum. From Luxor itself, you can visit the Valley of the Kings, where you can go in to the tombs of the pharaohs, and the Karnak complex, a massive temple complex with gigantic columns and temples dedicated to the ancient gods.

4) Nile cruise:

Malaysia Story - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Nile cruise Family Attarctions in Egypt
The river Nile is the cradle of one of the most important civilizations in history, and is one of the most beautiful rivers on the planet. Taking in the passing sights in a magical country, relaxing on a cruise is a great activity for a family holiday in Egypt. You can take the cruise through Cairo, down to the Valley of the Kings, and many other Egyptian cities along the way. You might even get to see some crocodiles!(image by Andy Cansfield).

5) Alexandria:

Alexandria is a great city to bring the family when visiting Egypt. It has a wealth of historic sites to entertain the imagination, including an ancient Roman theater, the Citadel of Quaitbay, and the Montaza palace with it’s pretty gardens, perfect for a stroll in the sun. There are also beaches for taking in the Mediterranean climate, shopping malls to quench the thirst for designer clothes, and some of the best fish restaurants in the world.


Egypt is a great destination for taking your family on holidays. It has many attractions to see, whether you’re interested in historic sites or a modern city stay. Egypt is a beautiful country with lots to see, and many of the sites and cities lie on the river Nile, so you can take in most of the sites with a cruise up or down the river.


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Feature image by Butch Osborne