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5 Great Attractions In Johor, Malaysia

5 Great Attractions In Johor, Malaysia

Feb 19, 2014

Johor is one of the most well developed States in Malaysia which is located in the southern part of the Peninsula of Malaysia.The location of Johor is bordered by the Strait of Johor in the south, Paheng in the north and Malacca in the north west.Also popular as one of the most iconic tourist destinations in Malaysia, Johor is home to an incredible array of sites and activities.It offers a perfect blend of the modern lifestyle as well as an old world charm.The state offers a diverse range of activities that attract tourists of all ages.Ranging from the sites rich in cultural heritage, beaches, rain forests, sites popular for adventure sports, to a thriving nightlife and world class shopping destination, Johor has it all.

Among the wide variety of options the following are top five popular attractions which attract huge number of tourists every year.

1)Melaka sultanate palace Museum :

The Melaka Sultanate palace museum was originally the residence of the Sultan of Johor which was built in 1866.Currently it serves as a museum and is also one of the greatest tourist attractions of the state.The Melaka sultanate palace museum is a reflection of the architectural opulence of the era it was build in and is famous for its royal ambiance and lavishly decorated interiors. The museum hosts multiple oil paintings of the various sultans and also displays an interesting array of Japanese ceramics.

2)Danga Bay :

Malaysia Story - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Danga Bay Attractions In Johor

Located in close proximity to the Istana Bukit serene, this destination is a neighborhood in Johor that is a center of entertainment and culinary delight.It is a great destination that offers a beautiful scenic view and the tourists can relax on the beach and enjoy the scrumptious sea food and other culinary delights at the numerous restaurants in the bay which offers great food at extremely reasonable rates.(image by Chris).

3) Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque :

The sultan Abu Bakar mosque is the state mosque which is located on a beautiful location on the top of a hill overlooking the Johor strait.The mosque is an architectural marvel which reflects an interesting blend of the muslim and Victorian styles of architecture.Built in 1900, the mosque is spread across a huge area which can accommodate up to 2000 people during the time of prayer.

4) Endau Rompin national park :

Malaysia Story - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Endau Rompin national park In Johor

Located in the north eastern part of Johur, the Endau Rompin national park is a tropical rain forest that is also the second largest national park of Malaysia. Spread over a massive area of 870 square kilometers,the park is one of the oldest tropical rain forests of the world which features some rock formations that are 248 million years old.The park is also extremely popular as it is home to a number of endangered species like the Sumatran rhinoceros.(image by Blake Stenning).

5)Tanjung Piai :

The Tanjung piai is a cape which is located at the southernmost point of the malay peninsula. This is a destination that is renowned for its panoramic view of the Singapore skyline across the Strait of Johor. Another attraction of the place is the restaurants on the wooden jetties that not only offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding coastal areas but also serve delicious sea food.This is a great place that offers relaxation amidst the scenic beauty to the tourists.

Johor is indeed a great tourist destination that offers a wide variety of attractions which attract tourists from all over the world.Out of the many attractive destinations the five destinations mentioned above are the top 5 places that must be a part of the travel itinerary of the tourists visiting Johor.


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