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5 Great Attractions In Istanbul

5 Great Attractions In Istanbul

Nov 12, 2011

Istanbul is truly the most exuberant city located in the Mediterranean region. It has an amazing history as it has been part of roman, byzantine, and Ottoman Empire. The city is bordered by the sea on all sides and it spans on two continents, Europe and Asia. Istanbul is Turkey largest city constituting country’s economy, historical and cultural heart. It has a population of 13.85 million making the second largest metropolis city in Europe. It is a city with so many attractions that you cannot afford to miss. This article will discuss the best attraction, location, activities, Istanbul; to make your visit to Istanbul much easier and worthwhile.

5 Great Attractions in Istanbul

1. Hagia Sophia Museum

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This awesome museum was originally constructed by Byzantine emperor known as Justinian in 537AD after conquering it when they transformed the museum to be a mosque for more than 481 years. Ataturk, Turkeys first president, made it a museum in 1935. Visit this museum and experience amazing architectural wonders from the 6th century. You really cannot afford to miss this.(image by Angel Manzano).

2. Blue Mosque

Foreign visitors call this mosque blue house due to tens colors and thousands on inner blue iznic floor covering. This masterful 17th century building with 6 minarets and various domes is an awesome place to visit. Enjoy the serene atmosphere of it square that is known to be the biggest of ottoman mosques. You can visit the place any times apart from the praying hours.

3. Grand Bazaar

This is the most popular attraction in turkey. Lost in the crowds in thin streets of grand bazaar is an awesome place to visit. This huge market place originated from a warehouse and was later named shopping Mecca for shopping addicts. It is the largest roofed market in turkey which originated from old times. Here you can get anything you want to take home as a souvenir, ranging from jewelry to clothes. Pottery is also available and is part of its culture and it is said to have more than 4,000 stalls. The bazaar opens Monday to Saturday starting from 8.30-6.00pm. Enjoy one the best shopping experience when exploring this wonderful city.

4. Underground Cistern

Malaysia Story - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Underground Cistern Attractions in Istanbul

Here you can enjoy the view of the cathedral cistern sunken fortress. It is located on the other side of Hagia Sophia and it is an awesome place to be. The cistern was building built on 532AD. There are so many columns and numerous column heads whereby the Romans reconstruct those columns from the temple of pagans. You cannot visit Istanbul and fail to visit this amazing underground cistern. It is really breathtaking.(image by Hg2Hedonist).

5. Sema ceremony of whirling dervishes

Sufi whirling ceremony commonly known as Sufi spinning is an active meditation that originated amongst Sufi dervishes and is still common amongst Sufis from Mevlevi. Come here and enjoy this customary dance that is performed as a worship song within the Sema by Sufi dervishes with an aim of reaching the origin of all perfection known as Kemal.

Istanbul visit will give you an opportunity to experience and feel its cultural rich heritage, galleries, museums, exhibitions, historic sites, live concerts, and fabulous Turkish dinner. If you are not sure of where to go on your next vacation, then Istanbul is the place to be. Include it in your travel itinerary and you will never regret.


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