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5 Good Reasons to Visit Krabi, Thailand

5 Good Reasons to Visit Krabi, Thailand

Jan 12, 2014

If you ever thought Bangkok is the only city in Thailand that promises a remarkable experience, you got it wrong. Visiting this amazing city of Krabi clearly portrays the enchanting beauty that makes Thailand a global tourism hotspot. Be it a two day vacation or a one month business trip, this destination offers innumerable attractions that will keep you dazzled as you spend nights in its world class restaurants serving award winning delicacies. This has made it one of the premier tourist destinations in the continent, attracting hundreds of tourists every year who are guaranteed of exemplary experience in the breath taking atmosphere of this amazing city. This city has all reasons to make it your next escape if you consider heart stopping and spine chilling features as you enjoy your unforgettable vacation in this little wonderland. Krabi is endowed with hundreds of features from the stunning landscapes straight to the outstanding beautiful environs which will surely grace your moments in this beautiful place. Here are some of the features in this city, which will surely a holiday to Krabi is you next holiday choice.

Railay Beach

This is the best way to start your vacation in this place which offers the best picturesque sites from the world class beaches to the classy hotels which one is sure to be served with award winning coffee. This is the most sought-after beach which presents a tranquil and extraordinary world which no word can explain. It is located south of Ao Nang Beach which is easily accessible and security is guaranteed. It’s a place which holds all the sporting activities along its white sand beaches, where fun is the only option.(image by Hedda Sandvig).

Malaysia Story - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Railay Beach Good Reasons to Visit Krabi, Thailand

Elephant Trekking

This is one of the most loved activities whose experience is just amazing. At just affordable prices tourists are carried through a rathera heart pumping encounter which you will never forget. The wild tour on these large wild animals is one of kind. A walk through the jungle on one of the largest mammals on earth is a dream come true to many tourists who flock this place. Places such as Ao Nang and KhaoPanombenja jungle are well known for this. Don’t miss out!!

KhaoKhanap Nam

Visiting Krabi will never be amazing without making a visit to what is referred to as the symbol of the city of Krabi. These are two mountains which are over 100 meters tall located near MaenamKrabi River covered with lovely mangrove forests. They offer hiking activities, amazing caves and a long history which will make you understand this city in detail.

Krabi Crystal Lagoon

This is one of the places in Thailand which remains to be the most visited destinations due to the stunning environs one is bound to experience. Visually beautiful aquamarine colors engulfed by tropical rainforest and amzing bird watching spots are some of the features that describes this place. The place is accessible and will entertain you to the fullest!

Krabi Tiger Cave

This is the best way to describe the city of Krabi in general. Here, both adults and children get to indulge themselves in daunting experiences offering genuine spiritual experience in stunning natural surroundings. The temple here is a warren of natural caves which is a home to several monks who consider it as a place of worship. There are interesting icons and relics which will grace your moments with the “Footprint of Buddha” being the main center of attraction. The sceneries here are countless and the experience is always amazing

Malaysia Story - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Krabi Tiger Cave Good Reasons to Visit Krabi, Thailand

The list is endless and the experience immeasurable in this little paradise. Visiting here is never disappointing considering these convincing reasons! Explore and you will discover more


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Feature image by Andrey Polukarov