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5 Best Places To Visit In South America

5 Best Places To Visit In South America

Jan 30, 2014

South America is a stunning place to visit, either for pleasure, tour, or just to visit, there is a lot of places to visit admire be it, the cities, the jungle, beaches and even historical nature, there is something for everyone.

South America still has the traditional culture and also the modern culture to which is occupied with people with diverse culture.

The following is 5 of the best places to visit in South America:

Amazon Rainforest

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The Amazon is must visit destination for travelers who love animals, you will be able to see a variety of animals such as parrots, monkeys, macaws, and the rare pink dolphin and also indigenous trees from the forest with a unique ecosystem, if you plan to take some time on the tour, you can stay at the lodges located and build in the forest, there is also a cruise through the amazon waters, with special cruise ship.(image by Nguyen Ngoc Chinh).

Be sure to enjoy this unforgettable visit and stay in the Amazon Rainforest

The Galapagos Islands

The islands found in Ecuador, is the ultimate animal paradise, and the last unspoiled and unpolluted place on earth, this is a perfect destination to visit while in South America, Galapagos is the home for the sea lions and the penguins, not in the movies but a place where you can get a chance to get closer to the animals,

Swimming with the turtles and the penguin will be a memorable experience you will never forget.

Costa Rica

Termed as the special jewel, is a perfect South America travel destination, there is a lot to do, a visit to the volcano national parks and water falls Garden at Laz Paz, as well as hike through the rain forest inland to the Tile ran Highland, If you are a fan of cruise of rafting, Rio Sarapiqui is also a perfect spot,

Costa Rica appeal to many by offering night life activities and entertainment, from bars, single bars, Discos, Casinos, the best clubs in Jaco, San Jose, Puerto Viejo where you can enjoy a laid back vibe, great natural and organic food restaurants.

On a relaxed day, you can spend time on the fantastic beaches of Costa Rica of do some pacific surfing.

Rio de Janeiro

Malaysia Story - World travel blog family holiday vacation website -Rio de Janeiro Visit In South America
Marvelous city, the glimmering Brazilian city, it is lined with white sand beaches, green mountains, and has many landmarks view from every angle of the city, you will see the Corcovado mountain and also admire the Christ the redeemer(image by Ingrid Pilar).

In the night, you sure to hear the soothing sounds of samba through the streets, especially the streets in Lupa, a visit in February draws revelers from across the globe to watch the Portuguese masquerade, peoples in Rio are friendly and hospitable and always up for celebration.

Caye Caulker

This is a beautiful Rastafarian Island in Belize, located in the Caribbean, to the island enjoy the water taxi, this city has no cars, it’s a quite island where you can stroll or take a bike around.

The main activities do to while on this beautiful South America destination is fishing on one of the many reefs surrounding the island, snorkeling,

Dive into the famous blue hole and after enjoy the sweet Caribbean Sea breeze.

Take a flight or Train or any other quicker means, and come take a tour of most awesome places in South America.

It is possible, either with a high or low budget, most cities and destination will accommodate you any time throughout the year.

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Feature image by Joe Stylos

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