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5 Best Places To Visit In Barcelona

5 Best Places To Visit In Barcelona

Mar 15, 2012

Barcelona is a top visited country in the world, it is known for its impressive architectures, the traditional markets and the religious symbolism present in the entire city continues to draw thousands of spectators from all over the world yearly.

This country offers so many potential places that people can visit which makes it hard for some people to choose which areas should they visit with the short time that they have.

Here is a list of some of the best places to visit in Barcelona; here are the key areas that tourists should not fail to explore.

1. La Sagrada, Familia

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This remains to be on top of the world’s best destinations, thousands visit Barcelona just to see the expiatory church. (image by Eduardo Arostegui).

This was a project of a diocesan Architect named Franciso de Paula Del Villar from the year 1828 to 1926.

In the year of 1883 Gaudi was tasked to carry on the work of the church, he finished it until his death in 1926.

This structure is located in the center of Barcelona; it is a sign of the prestige of the city as well as the entire country.

It was built with the help of donations, it was made through the efforts of the people and it reflected them.

The building is still under construction, the architects and designers are striving hard to perfect this structure.

Visitors can check the museum that is part of the church; it contains some of the best artworks in Barcelona.

Tourists will surely enjoy looking at the drawings, liturgical furniture and models, as well as restored relics.

2. La Rambla

This is perfect for tourists who want to walk and experience the romantic side of Barcelona; the La Rambla is a wide boulevard that contains some of the best places in the city.

People walking would be able to see the place de Catalunya as well as the Columbus monument and the waterfront of the city.

This place is often crowded and contains picturesque flower stalls and street artists; it is interesting to know that the fountain that can be seen in the city has existed since the 19th century.

In the streets of the Rambla, guest would also be able to see the Gran Teatre Del Liceu, this is Barcelona’s opera house.

3. Parc Güell is considered to be one of the best parks in the world, it is intriguing, and is certainly one of the most creative parks in the world. The park has a colorful main staircase and contains fanciful pavilions that were designed by Antoni Gaudi.

The guest is going to love this fairy tale like place, Gaudi, including Josep M. Jujol and Francesc Berenguer worked on this garden village until 1914. It was first intended as a commercial area but no one purchased any of the units sold, in the year of 1918 it was purchased by the city of Barcelona and they turned it into a public park in 1922 much to the delight of the world.

4. Font Magica or the Magic Fountain

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This tourist spot in Barcelona is a large fountain that was created in the year of 1929; the fountain is active up to the present time and constantly changes its shape and color. (image by Johannes Breunig).

This fountain was created to be a part of the 1929 Universal Exhibition, which took place in the southwest part of the city center of Barcelona.

It was specially designed by Catalan engineer Carles Buïgas I Sans and consists of impressive fountains and cascades.

The designers have intended to portray the wonders that could be achieved using filtered electrical light.

During the summertime, this is used for light shows in the evenings. It attracts thousands of spectators because of the romantic display of light, water and music.

5. Mercat de Sant Josep or the Saint Joseph market

The market town of Barcelona is surely one of the most colorful and interesting sights a person can visit. It was created in the year of 1593 by the Carmelites, a religious order. Market vendors were allowed to sell their wares in an open air market making it one of the best places to find bargain products.

This is a one of a kind market, with fountains, arcades as well as gardens and columns in the past, nowadays some of these beautiful structures can still be seen.

Today the market hall has over 200 stalls selling fresh food and fish, as well as vegetables and fruits including exotic foods like beetles and worms.

Barcelona is for the dreamer, the arts and for people who like to be inspired. It continues to attract thousands of visitors because of its classic architectures and one of a kind city delights.


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