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4 Tips to Surviving a Long Layover During Your Honeymoon

4 Tips to Surviving a Long Layover During Your Honeymoon

Nov 16, 2014

There is absolutely nothing less romantic than 10 hours spent in an airport. However, many newlyweds are forced to endure hours upon hours of layovers as they head out on their dream honeymoon. If your romantic getaway is interrupted by a long wait for a connecting flight, don’t despair; there are plenty of ways to keep the excitement fresh and love flowing for the rest of your honeymoon.


1. Get out of the Airport

With any luck, your layover will be just long enough for you two to stash your bags and see at least a bit of the city. While this stop may not be nearly as thrilling as the rest of the vacation you have planned, every city has culture, and you may be able to see a few interesting sights in the hours you have available. Stroll around a museum, explore a nearby shopping area, or simply grab a bite to eat outside the terminal; anything to get you away from the unhappy crowds and claustrophobia of the airport. Plus, you might be pleasantly surprised at the wealth of possibilities in your layover city and start planning your first anniversary vacation.

2. Seek out Novelty

If you don’t have the time or you don’t feel comfortable exploring the city during your layover, most airports have some amount of entertainment for stranded travelers. Large airports tend to have as many stores and restaurants as a small shopping mall, which provide ample opportunity to pass the time. Make a list of all the restaurants available for your meals, and choose one that provides tastes that are least available in your hometown. Then, tour every shop in your terminal and find the most unique souvenirs relating to the city of your layover. While you may not necessarily need reminders of your long airport stay, you may be able to pick up a couple cheap souvenirs for less important people on your list.

3. Look Forward

Instead of dwelling on your current situation, keep your spirits high by talking to one another about all the exciting things you will be doing when you finally reach your destination. If you haven’t already, you can start planning out your days to include all the sights and smells you’re looking forward to. You’d be surprised how much time you can spend in anticipation discussing what’s to come. You might even extend your conversation into the future of your marriage; talking about finances and family plans are crucial to the strength of a relationship, and often these important topics are avoided during the honeymoon phase.

honeymoon pause

4. Put the Honeymoon on Pause

This is perhaps one of the hardest options, but it could be one of the more worthwhile. You and your new spouse can use this ample layover time to spend time apart from one another before your big trip. While time apart might not be most people’s image of the ideal honeymoon, there are several reasons to take some space for yourself, including solidifying one’s personal identity and maintaining self-sufficiency. Then, when you embark on the flight to your perfect destination, you both will be fresh-faced and ready to feel the love.

During your alone time in the middle of your paused honeymoon, consider engaging in the following activities:

  • Work. If you can remotely connect to your work, it might be worthwhile to check in on your emails and see how your office is functioning without you. Then you can spend the rest of your vacation with the peace of mind that there aren’t any huge disasters awaiting your return.
  • Read. You always complain about never having the time to finish a book — but here’s your chance. If you already exhausted all your reading materials on the previous flight, pick up a paperback at the airport’s bookstore, or ask to trade with a fellow traveler.
  • Freshen up. Even if you were together for 10 years before your wedding, you should still care about your appearance to your significant other. Long periods of travel make it difficult to stay fresh and shining, but a long layover affords the time to brush your teeth, comb your hair, and wash your face at least.
  • Nap. If you have trouble sleeping on planes, grab a comfortable spot at the gate or in the lounge and shut your eyes while you’re on the ground. The more sleep you get now, the less you’ll need when you finally reach your honeymoon spot.

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