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4 Romantic Destinations for Honeymoon Planners

4 Romantic Destinations for Honeymoon Planners

Sep 5, 2014

One of the most valued and memorable vacations by couples the world over is their honeymoon. The main recipe for a perfect post wedding getaway is the destination you settle for. Some couples will want just a quality quiet time in their hotel room or to laze away by the beach. Other newly-weds are thrill-seekers who are looking for an adventurous time together. The good news is that you can find this and more options in our compilation of some travel deals found on Scoopon in addition to the ones found here that will make your lover wish to marry you afresh.

Award-Winning 5-Star Beachfront Resort in One of Bali’s Premier Destinations, Nusa Dua.

This beach hotel is sits in the larger enclave of the famous Nusa Dua and on the lovely golden and white sands along the TnajungBenoa Beach. For couples on honeymoon, this is the ideal place for winding up as it affords them tranquility. Honeymooners are treated to breakfast buffets, three course lunches and dinners, spa treatments, VIP transport on return to the airport, free internet, and a private beach. Nothing beats a romantic view of the beach and a swim together in the ocean.(Image by Lapernela Beachfront)

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Tour Vietnam from North to South

Vietnam forms one of the greatest destinations for honeymooners because of its richness of picturesque scenery, delicious cuisines, rich history and lovely people. Well, this is a honeymoon with a difference. In Hanoi, you will enjoy the bustle free scenery as you meet the ethnic minorities of Vietnam. Then, a trek through the remote Northern especially Hang Giang will bring you live with outcrops of limestone that are truly breathtaking. The honeymoon can never be complete without a visit to World Heritage city of Hoi An and exploration of the mayhem of Cu Chi Tunnels and Ho Chi Minh.

5-Star Ultra-Lux Beachfront Resort on One of Phuket’s Most Breathtaking Bays

Honeymoon in this beachfront resort provides a breathtaking view of the lovely bays. When planners settle for this resort, honeymooners are assured to watch the sun go down the lovely sea horizon as they sip a glass of wine on each other arms the entire night. Guests are assured of enjoying spa, saunas, self-contained and air conditioned rooms, and great cuisines. New couples can rest assured of one thing, that photos taken in this great destination will be timeless and always rekindle their love for many years in future.

5-Star Beachfront Retreat on the Island of Mauritius Overlooking the Stunning Bay of Balaclava!

Holiday planners for honeymooners should consider this as a top preference because of its near paradise design at the heart of Indian Ocean. The outdoor décor are perfected with spotless paving along swimming pools, parks, and towards the beaches. Indeed, it will look like you are always walking down the aisle and you will never forget it. When you get into the lavishly decorated self-contained rooms, you will be able to enjoy calming sunsets as you take views across the expansive sea. To honeymooners, the greatness of this destination will make you want to come back for more.(Image by Pascal Grosset)

Malaysia Story - World travel blog family holiday vacation website -  Island of Mauritius Romantic Destinations for Honeymoon PlannersMalaysia Story - World travel blog family holiday vacation website -  Island of Mauritius Romantic Destinations for Honeymoon Planners

Every day in your honeymoon should be used to take your relationship to the next level by staying in the best destinations. The above four destinations will not simply build an unbreakable force for your love, but act as unforgettable moment that will always ring a bell about the greatness of the relationship. Well, as you look for great travel deals these destinations will never fail you.


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