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3 New Destinations to Try in 2014

3 New Destinations to Try in 2014

Jun 1, 2014


If you have been at a crossroads wondering where to go for your holidays in 2014, then wonder no more as Tunisia has everything you could ever want in a holiday. From its broad sweeps of beaches overlooked by quaint sugar cubed houses to grand ancient ruins and the extensive golden dunes of the Sahara Desert, it is a complex blend of breathtaking landscapes that make North Africa so enchanting. It is no wonder that its sceneries have enticed the hearts of movie makers and have been the glorious locations for many movies. These incredible sceneries make luxury holidays in Tunisia a popular choice.

Tunis is the capital of Tunisia and is an incredible maze of alleyways, fusion of cultures and chaotic souks whose colorful spices and handicraft will force you to haggle for a worthwhile treasure to take home with you that you can place in your home to remember your holiday forever. Having had enough of the city you can venture out to the dazzling Chotta El Jeridsalt pan, walk through the underground tunnel of El Jem to explore the Roman amphitheatre or ride a camel and venture out into the desert sandy dunes. The beach life in Tunisia is also not disappointing as the long rambling coast along the Mediterranean has something appealing for every beach lover.(image by Dennis Jarvis)

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Tunisia also benefits from a great year round climate with hot summers and mild winters. It is the perfect location for any time of year whether It be to escape the cold and dark winter at home or to work on a fantastic tan laid out on a beach or by the pool in the summer months.


Italy is the kind of destination that one can never get enough of, travelers keep returning each year and in 2014 the trend is unsurprisingly seemingly more or less the same. Its awe inspiring art and architecture, amazing cities such as Venice and Rome soaked up in rich history, stunning historical ruins, sun kissed olive groves and vineyards and the sparkling waters of Lake Como and the Mediterranean keep enticing visitors to explore this boot shaped country.(image by Moyan Brenn)

Malaysia Story - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - 3 NEW DESTINATIONS TO TRY IN 2014 - ITALY

If you have never been to Italy before, this year should be the year of discovery of this gorgeous country, whether you venture to its cities, countryside, coastline or even its islands, you are sure to have the most memorable holiday in your lifetime. Italy’s cities offer so much to its visitors. History lovers will be spoilt for choice by the many historical sites that are prominent throughout all the cities. Culture vultures will be captivated by locations such as the Sistine Chapel in Rome and art lovers would be able to spend week after week visiting all the incredible art galleries.

Visitors to Italy will also be impressed by its countryside of rolling hills clad in neat rows of vineyards, ancient villages, castles and monasteries. Activity lovers will enjoy hiking in the countryside or renting a bike to explore the winding roads stopping every so often to take photographs of the incredible vistas. The coastline is appealing with rugged cliffs with overhanging pastel colored houses and fine stretches of sand and its islands are beautiful and also adorned with ancient ruins and mountains. It is also packed with beautiful accommodation (just check out Bridgewater’s luxury Italian villas!) for you to experience an authentic Italian holiday.


New Zealand also named by its original inhabitants as the “land of the long white cloud” is breathtakingly beautiful with its majestic snow capped peaks, unspoilt rainforests and sparkling lakes swarming with trout and turquoise ocean bays sprayed with captivating wooded isles. It is a land that Mother Nature has generously favored with the highs and the lows; with freezing glaciers, breathtaking fjords and steaming geysers and volcanoes.(image by Vicki Mar)

Malaysia Story - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - 3 NEW DESTINATIONS TO TRY IN 2014 - NEW ZEALAND

There are endless activities in New Zealand for the outdoor lover including hiking, cycling, ice climbing and surfing. For the real daredevils a bungee jump or sky dive is not to be missed! It really is a place for the lover of the outdoors and no trip should be made without considering sampling an activity in the great fresh air. Away from the countryside, New Zealand’s small cities are great places to explore with some magnificent museums, restaurants and bars.

In New Zealand you do not have to travel far to experience its enchanting natural beauty; a short drive in a hired campervancould take you to an Alpine peak or a barren desert, a primeval beach may just be a few minutes from a bustling city. If you close your eyes for just a few minutes during a drive in New Zealand, you may actually miss out on a lot; it is therefore the new destination of discoveries in 2014.


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