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3 Great Places to Visit from Malaysia

3 Great Places to Visit from Malaysia

May 31, 2014


Burma is one of the least visited countries in South East Asia and has endured a tumultuous past under military dictatorship and still on the threshold of rehabilitation. Its economy is not anything to write home about but its rich cultural legacy, massive golden pagodas, wondrousarcheological sites and fascinating ethnic diversity offer off the beaten path experience for those seeking new horizons to explore.

Burma has a lot of attractions which include; its capital city Yangon with its lush green parks and ancient temples and golden pagodas, the Golden Rock amazingly balanced at the edge of a crag of Paung Laung Mountain chain, Bagan located along the banks of Ayeyarwaddy River, the misty Inle Lake and the Pindayya cave with its thousands of Buddha images. Besides its attractions, the Burmese people are friendly and still value and practice their ancient traditions. On holidays to Burma you can explore the hill top villages and interact with these interesting people and do not ignore their spicy delicacies which are normally hot with chilly.(image by Alex Saurel )

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There are many ways to access Burma from Malaysia which is by air, land or sea. By land it is possible to travel via trains and forget about the honking and the traffic jams and also be able to go through patches of land that would be impossible to see by traveling via the major highway routes. In this part of Asia, the train is by far the most favorite means of transport and if you are seeking to immerse into the Asian culture, then it is the way to go.


The easiest way to get to the Maldivian archipelago from Malaysia is by air. The Maldives is abundant in natural beauty be it marine or geographical. With its numerous islands strewn with ancient Buddhist temples, highlighted by colorful coral reefs and breathtaking beaches lapped by turquoise waters.

After a four hours flight from Malaysia, your travel woes will melt away as soon as you step in this heavenly archipelago that has seduced honeymooners, families and lovers for ages. It is a place to kick off your boots and relaxed amidst its paradisiacal atmosphere and sleeping to the sounds of water in your very own over water villa.

The Maldives archipelago consists of numerous tiny islands on littered on the Indian Ocean in the equatorial region which as a result remains forever green, sunny and beautiful throughout the year. It is a sought after holiday destination with delightful attractions and a relaxing haven for those seeking to get away from it all.(image by Marcin Baranowski)

Malaysia Story - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - 3 GREAT PLACES TO VISIT FROM MALAYSIA - MALDIVES

Most of the people in Maldives are Muslims and hence the major attractions are religiously related and they include the magnificent Grand Friday mosque, the ancient Friday mosque, the Presidents Palace, Male National Museum and the bustling Public Square. The Maldivians still practice fishing as they did years ago and a visit to the Maldives fish markets is an opportunity not to be missed. It provides an authentic glimpse into the day to day lifestyle of an ordinary Maldivian. You will also get to see an assortment of sea creatures and sample fresh fruits and vegetables

Maldives is well known for its exquisite over water villas supported on stilts on the sky blue waters, they offer privacy and relaxation to visitors to this piece of heaven. There are a number of activities to indulge in when not in a water villa such as snorkeling, swimming and sunbathing on the white sandy beaches.


India is a country full of wonderful diversities from its people to its religions and to its geography, it is like nowhere else on the planet; it is thrilling, inspiring, confusing and welcoming. If you are traveling from Malaysia, you can fly directly as there are several regular flights connecting these two distinct regions.

With its incredibly diverse landscapes ranging from the world’s highest mountain ranges to fantastic tropical beaches and everything in between, it has an endless variety of places and peoples that will intrigue all your senses. The sights and sounds of this vast country are spellbinding and are hard to delete from your minds memory card.(image by travel photography)

Malaysia Story - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - 3 GREAT PLACES TO VISIT FROM MALAYSIA - INDIA

Travel in India offers every kind of holiday possible, with it fantastic beaches in Goa, the relaxed atmosphere of the Kerala backwaters, the deserts in Rajasthan, the iconic monuments such as Taj Mahal, the islands, the misty hill stations and the spectacular wildlife. It is a paradise for adventure as well as relaxation. It is also a country well known for its spicy cuisine which is worth tasting whilst there.


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