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Top 10 Things to Do on Your First Visit to Koh Samui

Top 10 Things to Do on Your First Visit to Koh Samui

Apr 27, 2017

Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the entire world, and for good reason. The food, culture and budget-friendly nature of the place make a combination you can;t beat. If you’re visiting Thailand for the first time you might want to consider coming to Koh Samui. It’s the second largest island in Thailand, and one of the most popular destinations, So while your browsing some Koh Samui vacation rentals please keep in mind some of the amazing things you need to do when you arrive. 1) Go Diving Koh Samui has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and is a prime spot for diving. The water around Koh Samui is great for diving, and it’s considered one of the safest locations for first timers anywhere. If you don;t have any experience diving then you can learn from any number of diving schools, get certified, and be out on the water in no time. 2) Enjoy Some Street Food The street food in Thailand is world famous for being inexpensive, tasty, and one of the biggest draws for tourists. You shouldn’t miss the chance to expand your tastes, and save a little money in the process. One of the easiest tricks to avoid eating at the bad places is to look for the locals. If the local Thais are willing to eat there it’s a good bet the food is healthy and tasty. 3) Visit the Big Buddha The Big Buddha temple should definitely be on your list of things to see. The statue itself is made of gold and is one of the islands most prominent landmarks. When you first go to the temple you will note how it;s connected by a causeway to the island itself. Please be respectful when visiting the temple. 4) Go to the Samui Aquarium If you want to see some wildlife and are just looking for a place to relax for an afternoon then Samui Aquarium is it. The aquarium itself has been designed to mimic a fishing village so it might not quite be what you’re used to. It has a really diverse collection of sea life ranging from manta rays,...

Don’t Forget to Buy a Travel Insurance policy Before Your Next Overseas Trip!

Imagine yourself travelling to your dream destination abroad for the first time! The very thought can give you goose bumps out of sheer excitement, isn’t it? If given a chance, what would be on your list? Brand new clothes, accessories, adventure sports outfits, binoculars, DSLRs and first aid? But, before you go ahead, wait, and think! Like everything in life, travel is also accompanied by its set of risks. You might face a medical emergency in a foreign place where you do not have any personal contacts! What you can do instead is to choose a suitable travel insurance plan. Let’s have a look at the overall advantages of a travel insurance plan through certain examples: Case 1 Mr. Singh visited Bangkok, Thailand with his family. However, on reaching there, they discovered that one of their bags was missing. They consulted the airline authorities only to find that it might have been misplaced at the original destination itself and might have been lost! The family incurred the loss with only a half-hearted assurance from the authorities that if they find it, they will be contacted. Travel Insurance pays the cost of lost or misplaced baggage: If Mr. Singh had availed a travel insurance, the content of the bag would not have been found but their estimated monetary value could be reimbursed to the family. In its absence, even though the family was not responsible, they had to bear the loss personally. Case 2 Mr. Sahay is a social worker. He loves to travel to remote foreign locations with harsh weather conditions and unsuitable political situations to research on people’s lives there. While on such trip to Ireland last month, he fell extremely ill due to the spreading of hay fever in a village. Though, he was ready to spend money on medical treatment, there was no hospital or proper medical facility available nearby. The proper city hospital was located 5,000 miles away from where he was. He was not able to move and there were no proper facilities to carry him to the city hospital. Medical evacuation and expenses covered: A travel insurance plan can pay for his medical evacuation to the city where...