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10 Top Tourist Attractions To Visit In Russia

10 Top Tourist Attractions To Visit In Russia

Sep 5, 2013

Russia is a popular tourist destination because of its unique attractions. To begin with, it is the largest country in the world. Perhaps, that explains why it has 11 time zones. It is also home to the deepest freshwater lake on earth. Indeed, the attractions are numerous, and what matters is the tourist’s taste and preference. For instance, if you are interested in the orthodoxy of the Russian faith, the golden ring tour offered by the Russian National Tourism Office is the way to go. On the other hand, you may like Lake Baikal, valley of geysers and Mount Elbrus if you love exploring nature.


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Being the capital of Russia, Moscow is the home to most tourist attractions including the Moscow kremlin, mausoleum, Lenin Russian State library and Stalin skyscrapers. Saint Basil’s cathedral and the cathedral of Christ the savior are also found in this city, not forgetting the Armory, Diamond fund, the Red Square and the Museum of Applied and folk Art. Kolomenskoye and the Moscow Metro are also feasts for the eyes and the Tverskaya Street is the place to be for nightlife activities. (image by Dmitry Volkov).

Moscow kremlin

This is the headquarters of Russia’s top Government offices. It lies on a 250-acre piece of land and it features several museums, towers and cathedrals. The Spasskaya tower is the most famous of the 20 towers. Most Russian movies feature this attraction, sparking curiosity amongst tourists. Next to the Kremlin is the Red square, which is also a popular attraction.

St. Petersburg

This is the second largest city in Russia. It features tourist attractions such as hermitage, kunstcamera museum, the monument of Peter The Great and the Church of the savior on Spilled blood. The palace square is the place to be for nightlife activities and the Ballet in Mariinsky Theater is the home of festivals and literature.

Lake Baikal

Apart from the fact that this is the deepest freshwater lake in the world, it also features unique flora and fauna that creates an ecosystem that beckons people to itself. Also known as the Pearl of Siberia, this lake contains about 20% of the fresh water in the world. Since many tourists frequent this clear lake, it is surrounded by many tourist resorts.

Valley of Geysers

Scientists and geographers cannot afford to miss the dazzling beauty of these geysers, being the second largest geyser zone in the world. Its location on the Kamchatka Peninsula makes it accessible to both domestic and international tourists.

Trans-Siberian railway

This railway line connects Moscow to Vladivostok. Traveling on this railway is fun, as the trains feature first to third class sleepers with access to private bathrooms and other facilities. A traveler also has the opportunity to explore the Volga River, Baraba steppe, Ural Mountains, Yenisei River and Barguzinsky mountains, to mention but a few.

Novgorod Veliky

Novgorod is one of the oldest cities in Russia. Due to this fact, it features several churches that epitomize the Russian faith. They include the Sofiysky cathedral among others. A tourist on a faith mission will find these churches inspiring.


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This is the home of historic architecture and Russian culture. The golden ring tour features this city among others, including Sergiyev, Alexandrov, Posad, Kostroma, Pereslavl-Zalessky, Ivanovo, Uglich, Yaroslavl, Rostov, Vladimir and Veliky.(image by makidonskih).

Mount Elbrus

Mount Elbrus is the place to experience the natural feeling of nature holding a beauty contest. This mountain is 5642 meters above sea level, making it suitable for mountain climbing and trekking activities.

Kizhi Island

It is located in Karelia, to the northwestern side of the country. The open-air museum is what makes kizhi island a must-see attraction in Russia.

In a nutshell, Russia is the place to be if you have the time. The afore-mentioned attractions are just a tip of the iceberg, as others like Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Sochi, and Volga cruise beg to be explored. Each tourist attraction is highly accessible be the available means of transport. Luxurious tourist amenities add glamor to the touring experience.


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