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10 Amazing Honeymoon Destinations in Malaysia

10 Amazing Honeymoon Destinations in Malaysia

Aug 13, 2013

Malaysia is beautiful, exotic, natural and simply inexhaustible and that’s the reason why this federal republic is among the worlds most favorite tourist destinations. Malaysia offers the best of everything from adventures, cruises, wildlife, shopping to magical romantic getaways in tropical islands with beaches like the sea only touches this country.

The following are the top 10 amazing honeymoon destinations in Malaysia.

1.Redang island

The sands and beaches in Redang island are too good for anything else except something to do with love. Yes the island is way too cool and with clear waters, corals, tropical climate, bungalows, resorts and an abundance of marine life, Redang island definitely promises to blow your mind away.

2. Pangkor Laut resort.

Malaysia Story - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Pangkor Laut resort Honeymoon Destinations in Malaysia
There was never a costumer that didn’t leave a positive review of the Pangkor resort or so the saying goes. This resort in the island of pangkor is the perfect place to rest after a days worth of sightseeing, swimming, exploration and adventure. The bars, the extensive accommodation facilities, the excellent cuisine, spas and massage therapies are simply world class. With an abundance of vegetation cover, the island is cool all year through but still retains the tropical reason that would make you want to swim in the fresh water pool that is always next to you.(image by Phalinn Ooi).

3. Majestic Malacca

Mallaca is an old fashioned hotel dating back to the early 1920s and still carries with its vintage characteristics except that it has everything that every other five star hotel has to offer. This hotel has a library, a gym and swimming facilities that carry the kind of charm that comes with age. For those looking for a romantic destination that will want to remind them that they don’t have to be boring just because they are old, then the Majestic Malacca is the place to go.

4. Langkawi archipelago

The Langkawi archipelago is famous for its beach resorts and hotels. It is an especially good honeymoon choice because you will have all the time to decide where to settle in a place of seemingly infinite choices. Activities range from island hopping, cruising, diving and of course swimming.

5. Gaya island

Gaya island is famed for its butterflies filled jungles, colorful sea horses, marine parks and coral reefs and for its tranquility. The picturesque traditional Malay style villas beautifully compliment the sands, the forests, the mangroves and much everything else and one could easily be forgiven for wanting to spend a lifetime in this paradise.

6. The Chateau

The chateau looks exactly like a 18th century french castle and if ever your honeymoon idea involved being treated like royalty, then The Chateau is the right place for you. The spas, food, accommodation and welfare services will make you think twice about going back home.

7.Tangjong jara resort

This exotic resort is found in the rich and diverse Malaysian east coast. It is known for treating its guests like a Malaysian king and offers a number of fun activities like snorkeling, diving and diving. The resort overlooks the south china sea.

8. Cameron highlands

Malaysia Story - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Cameron highlands Honeymoon Destinations in Malaysia
If you want to experience the Malaysian countryside or if you’ve had enough of your cruise, then the Cameron highlands is your best bet. The Highlands are awash with tea plantations, strawberry farms and lush green hills. This place is cool all year through and fun activities include nature walks, exploration and golf playing.(image by Peter Gronemann).

9. Batu Ferrighini

A honeymoon in Batu Ferrighini will allow you to participate in local life, watch the sun set in beautiful beaches, indulge in water sports and taste local life. You might even learn the steps to a Malay dance or attend a wedding ceremony.

10. Kuala Lumpur

There was no way that the capital city of Malaysia would feature out of any piece about Malaysia as a tourist destination and this is because this city has all of Malaysia in it and much more. With a sizzling nightlife, excellent transportation serivces, an abundance of cultural events and great architecture, Kuala Lumpur will make any honeymoon experience as spendid as they come.

Continue to enjoy Malaysia.


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