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10 Amazing Family Attraction in Europe

10 Amazing Family Attraction in Europe

Jan 6, 2014

Europe remains one of the major tourist attraction destinations in the world. Europe is blessed with a variety of tourist attraction sites in various locations across the continent. As such, many tourist interests can be addressed and fulfilled with travel to Europe. Family travel, as a tourist interest, is one of those that Europe offers as an attraction destination. Despite the amount of money the travel may cost, the experiences in Europe promise to be life-changing. From Rome to Brussels, from London to Berlin, the locations will provide an exciting time for parents and children alike. Anyone looking for a travel destination for their family would be encouraged to consider Europe in their plans.

Some 10 amazing family attractions in Europe

The locations herein listed are very family friendly. Everything will offer relaxation from the transport costs, hotels, restaurants, attraction sites and activities. While the locations promise affordability, they do not in any way compromise on happy times.

1. Madrid.

The capital of Spain offers a number of attractions for families. It is one of the most family-friendly locations in Europe with children being considered an important part of custom and tradition. Sports fans can visit the Bernabeu stadium, for a soccer match. Tourists can also relax as a family at Retiro Park.

2. Berlin.

Malaysia Story - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Berlin Family Attraction in Europe
The ever changing capital of Germany has positioned itself as a family attraction in the recent past. The city offers trendy restaurants, catering to families with children, provide a source of delicious food to tourists. One can as well explore Tiergarten, an outdoor park and the Berlin Zoo.(image by gavin bloys).

3. Rome.

Parents and their children will enjoy immensely climbing the Spanish Steps and visiting the Colossuem. Choosing hotels wisely will help in reducing the cost of the accommodation leaving money for other activities. One may be well advised to stay near the beach, so as to enjoy the seaside while still being close to other top attractions. Families will also learn the rich history of Rome.

4. London.

London is another capital that offers a lot for people touring as a family. For children who are Harry Potter fans they should visit King’s Cross Station. The capital of England offers various attraction locations: the London Zoo, the London Dungeon and Covent Garden just to name a few.

5. Copenhagen.

This location has a number of family attraction sites. The whole family will like the treasures in the city’s castles regardless of their age. A kid-friendly environment is provided by a visit to Langelinie to see the Little Mermaid. The family can play together at Tivoli gardens.

6. Barcelona.

This Spanish coastal city is ideal for families looking for a vibrant nightlife. The little ones will be well entertained by a visit to the Gaudi apartments, a stroll on the beaches and street performances along Las Ramblas.

7. Paris.

The city is not as kid-friendly as London, but younger ones can enjoy the fountains at the Centre of Pompidou, the Hall of Mirrors and an amazing trip to Eiffel Tower especially when lights start to flicker.

8. Brussels.

Malaysia Story - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Brussels Family Attraction in Europe
This is no doubt the city for families. Areas one has to visit include the Belgian Comic Strip Museum where kids can learn about cartoons characters. There is also the Atomium for you to see a scale model of Europe.(image by Ed Graham).

9. Prague.

Parents will love the city’s culture, the beer and the affordability. Kids will enjoy visits to the Astronomical Clock chime, the Prague Castle and viewing the Dancing House.

10. Salzburg.

Mozart’s childhood hometown boasts of good gardens and museums, historical sites like the Hellbrunn Palace and the Salzburg Cathedral. After all the walking and going round, the location has the Mirabell Garden for relaxation.


Europe leaves everybody spoilt for choice on family attractions to visit. The locations are numerous. Europe is definitely worth taking into account when considering family travel decimation.


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